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JeepHers! Women with an Attitude! We are not "Just Girls with Fun Cars...It's all about Good Friends and living "OVER the Edge!" 

Since 2009 Jeep
Hers has been giving "Mature Jeep Gals" (ages 28 to 98) the opportunity to meet new friends and get out and enjoy everything that our beautiful state has to offer...with America's Favorite Vehicle...The JEEP!

We have taken the popular 4x4 vehicles over the passes to end up at a great spa, gone rafting on the Arkansas River, had lunch at a wonderful mountain restaurant or fabulous day of shopping...anything we can dream up! Nothing but Women having fun...our way! Bring your daughters and friends! Let's make some great memories!

To the Manufacturers of Aftermarket Jeep guys have been missing a huge part of the Market!  We don't wear bikinis and rarely go rock crawling anymore, but the Jeep is a symbol of our attitude in life.  We want more toys for our rides!  NOTICE US!

The Best Place on the Internet for Women with Jeeps to find out information on Everything about America's Favorite Vehicle!
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